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Below we have provided resources and planning tools to keep you organized. Feel free to browse and download the tools you may need. If you have any questions, schedule a quick chat and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

5 Things I Wish I New Before Retiring

"Why didn't my advisor tell me?" is a phrase that is spoken far too often. Everybody wants to build a big retirement plan and, all too often, the focus is only on accumulating. Yet, the transition from accumulating to spending is a significant one and it's only reasonable for you to spend more time thinking about this stage as  you approach your retirement date.

Retirees often reflect on the strategies they followed and look back wishing they'd received other advice before taking the big leap. Below are 5 things most retirees wished they'd known before retiring.

1. The Importance of Income Streams Over Growth

2. The Impact of Inflation on Fixed Income

3. The Importance of Flexibility in Withdrawal Strategies

4. The Importance of Tax Efficiency

5. The Importance of Medical/Healthcare/Long-Term Care Planning

Download the complete guide below:

23 Retirement Cost Cutters for 2023

This guide provides you with 23 tips on areas to reduce costs and save you money with out changing your lifestyle. These tips vary from large changes in your mortgage to small changes in your credit card.

Things to Consider When Moving Your 401(K)

What should you do with your 401 (k) when you change jobs? You’ve worked hard to save money in your 401(k) or 403(b). So, what should you do with your old 401(k) when you change your job?

Download this reference sheet that provides things to consider before making any moves with your 401(k).

Small Business Checklist

As a business owner, or self employed professional, you need to make sure you are prepared for now and for your
future. We have provided a checklist with some questions to see if you or your business is prepared for all circumstances.


Financial Inventory Sheet

Use our financial inventory sheet to track and manage your finances for all of your financial accounts, work information, real estate information, loans, investment information and more.

 For more information on any of the questions, you can set up a free consultation with the calendar link below, or e-mail this form with your information and questions.

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